Kamil Bednařík

Kamil Bednařík

Real Estate Photographer

Hi, my name is Kamil Bednarik and I am a Real Estate Photographer.

I have photographed many weddings, events and products, however, my specialisation is Architectural Photography. I shot over 1200 properties in Western Australia from 2014 to 2018.

I believe great feature photography starts with great lighting. It’s almost impossible to take a great shot using natural light alone, so I carefully use additional lighting sources to create the perfect image.

The evening hours, as the sun goes down, gives the property a soft, inviting feel. And the early morning light, before the sun touches the sky, adds a fresh, almost magical quality to the shot.”

I have been regularly collecting awards for the best customer service and design in real estate photography in Western Australia.

My clients are Real Estate Offices, Architects, Developers, Hotels and Guest Houses, AirbnbProviders, Chat and Chalet Hirers, Interior Designers and more.